Education Opens Doors


Education Opens Doors

Pursue transformative solutions by cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit and pursuing improvement in order to create a positive change in the communities we support.

We equips students, beginning in middle school, with college knowledge via the Education Opens Doors Program. We provide schools with a comprehensive college and career program that raises self-expectations, increases confidence and builds skills in students who lack access to this critical information.

We impact the lives of students by equipping them with the college and career resources they need to prepare for and succeed in higher education.


To activate all students to determine and pursue an informed future with limited potential. They have the right to understand the value of an education and how to access and attain all options available to them after high school.


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Looking for 2-3 diverse Board members to better inform business decision making and strategy


Seeking individuals ready to invest time, talent, and resources in an entrepreneurial organization

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2804 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: (214) 975-3972
Email: info@educationopensdoors.org

Brittany Brady

Manager of Development


(301) 512-6344